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The X-Ray Technician is categorized as a trained health care worker possessing specialized technique of manipulation of X-Ray equipment and making it possible to take internal body photographs of organs, bones etc. by viewing them the doctors can diagnose the status of the disease and commence their treatment.Learn more about Radiology Technician Salary

X-Ray based investigation is a growing field and considering the scope many X-Ray technicians get training for around one to two years before commencing their work at many possible locations like hospitals, physician’s offices, radiological clinics, dental offices etc.

For getting the training there are trade schools, where the students learn details about operation of fixed and portable X-Ray equipment, positioning of the patients, before X-ray beam is focused for a short duration at the affected site and image gets exposed to the photo sensitive plate kept in a box through, which only X-Rays can pass. Developing of photo sensitive exposed plate reveals sharp image after developing process.

Some students undergo training also learn other related activities in respect of radiology like ultrasound diagnostic applications and magnetic resonance image techniques, computer supported axial tomography scanning.
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The profession of a radiologist calls for excellent public relations besides professional proficiency. Developing public relations is helpful, because the majority of the patients affected by prolonged suffering adopt uncooperative attitude, because they find themselves fed up unable to tolerate the effects of injury, because of limitations in movements or experiencing inability to change position while lying without a help of some one. These are very extreme cases to be almost permanently living in the hospital environment.

The jovial X-Ray technician can bring a smile on their face and seek the desired cooperation from them in proper continuation of treatment and better recovery.

Negative Look at X-Ray Technician:

X Ray Technician Career Outlook
There is a negative side which the X-Ray technician has to keep mum in respect of discussing the X-Ray finding with the patient, because it falls in the purview of the qualified radiologist who communicates to the doctor, who advised X-Ray. Here the issue of doctor patient relationship crops up.

At the same time patients, who receive X-rays are required to realize the professional limitation and should feel satisfied instead of criticizing the health professionals otherwise. One should respect the ethics followed by the profession, which are for the good of the patient’s best interest. The doctor gives a confirmed version of the X-Ray results to the patient and there should be no hurry about it.

Working in radiology field has associated long term risks considering the exposure hazards of triggering cancer growth. There are safety measures provided to the workers by wearing of lead sheets apron around the body, while operating the X-Ray equipment. Thus the risks get minimized to great extent.

Unique Abilities:

Abilities of X Ray Technician
The skilled X-ray technician is in a position to identify the severity of the problem, by viewing the X-ray image, but the professional limitations prevent to comment upon by interpreting and discussing the findings with patients.

The X-Ray technician if doubts some thing serious requiring urgency notifies the same to the concerned doctor for attention and care. In case there is no urgency the results of the X-Ray are communicated to the patient one the next due visit and there is nothing to worry about, because urgent matters are looked at priority by the doctors, without asking them to do so.

X-Ray technician some time face extreme pressure of work conditions leading to stressed working environment, when a person has unbearable pain and is serious. This is the time of gaining experience and should be taken sportingly, keeping in view the objectives and goal fulfilment opportunity in viewing rare situations, which are not common and happening every day. Solution to the problem lies with the doctor and the X-Ray technician looks after diagnostic help to the doctor and the patient.

Becoming an X-Ray Technician:

Become x ray technician
The Term X-Ray Tech and X-Ray technician are often used and they are almost same. The X-Ray Technologist on the contrary possesses higher education training and experience than the X-Ray technician and hence has supervision role to be performed.

X-Ray technicians have great demand in the hospitals, dental clinics, places of medical practice, diagnostic centers and are helpful team members of the diagnostic functions handling personnel in an organization. The X-Ray technician has a direct contact with the patient, when the patient comes for exposure of their X-Ray film as advised by the treating doctor. Thus the doctors get support from the X-Ray technician in arriving at the diagnosis and commencing the treatment.

Functions of X-Ray Technician:

There are different terms used for X-Ray Technician i.e. X-ray techs, radiologic technologists or radiology technicians etc. The basic duty of an X-ray technician pertains to preparation of patients before X-rays exposure on the X-Ray photo sensitive plate and to develop the x-ray film and fixing the image for permanency to arrive at medical diagnosis by the treating doctor.

The experienced X-ray techs are sometimes specializing in specific diagnostic imaging practices like mammography, CAT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or fluoroscopic imaging. State laws regulate the types of diagnostic imaging techniques that x-ray technicians may perform.

Training Required by X-Ray Technician:

The training courses meant for X-Ray technician has duration ranging from 1 to 4 years, which can lead to a Certificate, Associate degree or Bachelor degree. There is one-year Accelerated X-Ray Technician course, which is suitable for persons, who are presently carrying on their activities in patient care facilities and are looking for changing their profession or wish to broad base their medical profession related knowledge and experience.

Bachelor degree course is mostly taken up by persons, who plan to enter in advanced supervisory or administrative posts.

The two-year associate degree is meant for radiologic technologist course, which is most of the times selected for getting voluntary certificate. The voluntary certificate is granted by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. For becoming eligible for certification, students are required to undergo an accredited course and qualify the certification examination.

Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as on 2007, 40 of states specifically mentioned Licensure requirement compulsorily for working as an X-Ray Technician, and 35 of the states expected the candidate to pass ARRT examination for getting state licensure.

X-Ray Technician Certification eligibility is based on the student completing 24 continuing education credits after every two years for maintaining the validity of certification held by them. In addition the specified training and education is need for specializing in specified Diagnostic Imaging Techniques, used for CT scanning or angiography.

Career Prospects of X-Ray Technician:

It is estimated that the X-Ray Technician Jobs shall increase at the rate of 15% by the year 2016, which is more than the average rate at which other industry related jobs are growing. There has been increase in the outpatient care services as a result of which there shall be the need of the X-Ray technicians at private diagnostic centers, which are more convenient for the patients than the over busy hospital services and presence of organizational bottlenecks hindering the delivery of fast services.

The X-Ray technicians acquainted with imaging techniques have a distinct advantage over general category of X-Ray technicians.

There is no effect of recession on the careers of X-Ray technician being part of fast growing health care industry.

Earnings of X-Ray Technician:

On an average bass X-Ray technician’s salary is subject to substantial variations based on Geographical Location, Specialization if any, Experience and kind of Medical office or Organization, where the person is working. The median base salary of X-Ray technicians in United States is about $45,000 to $49,000, out of which top 25% of them having salary more than $55,000.

Radiology Technicians offer high value assistance to the physicians and dentists for fast and efficient diagnosis of patients and commencing their treatment. Feeing the statistics of anticipated growth rate of employment prospects in respect of X-Ray Technician coupled with high salary in comparison to most of entry-level posts present in healthcare, selecting X-Ray Technician career is a hot option for persons who have liking for working direct with patients in a hospital environment.


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