X Ray Technician Degree and Certification

Choosing to become an x-ray technician is something that more people are doing. Earning an x-ray technician degree is the key to starting a well paying job often with excellent benefits that is in high demand. The field of x-ray technician is growing and is expected to increase by 18 percent in the next five years leading to more opportunities and competitive pay. Finding an x-ray technician degree and certification program is a matter of knowing what you are looking for and what you can afford.

When searching for an x-ray technician degree program that works for you, make sure to take time to contact the local authority on licensing in such positions. Every state has different requirements for becoming a licensed x-ray technician and knowing these requirements will help you to lay a plan for earning your degree and certification. You can also contact local facilities that hire x-ray technicians to see what they look for in a new employee. This will help you to set your plan for successful entry into the field of x-ray technician.

While you can earn an x-ray technician degree and certification at many local community college, trade schools and technical schools you can also earn your degree online. The available programs online are growing quickly. The ability to study online makes the programs accessible to even those with outside demanding responsibilities. With the online study you are able to work on the programs when they fit into your life and schedule. Additionally, you will find the cost to be substantially more accessible than you might think. Choosing to study online has distinct advantages in schedule, cost and the ability to choose from a larger number of schools.

An x-ray technician degree along with proper certification in your area will allow you to work with patients in administering radioactive material in order to take internal images to assist physicians in detecting problems such as broken bones, tumors, blocked arteries and a multitude of other possible issues. This type of information will allow the physician to have the advantage of early detection and the ability to provide a treatment plan to resolve the issues. X-ray technicians are not allowed to discuss the results with the patients. This is the job of the physician or radiologist who is working with the patient and should never be the responsibility of the x-ray technician.

The expected pay rate for a person who has an x-ray technician degree and certification is between $33,132 and $50,503 annually and is often accompanied by an extensive benefits package to include vacation time, 401K, profit sharing and bonuses. The combination of these additional packages can add to the income of the professional by as much as $3,000 a year. The expected income of an x-ray technician will vary based on location, venue and experience. Those individuals working in the larger cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston can expect to see higher salaries. Additionally, the salaries will vary based on the type of facility that you work in.

For individuals who have earned an x-ray technician degree and certification can take positions in a variety of facilities such as hospitals, elderly care facilities, outpatient x-ray centers, private physician’s offices and some government facilities. The various types of facilities will be a deciding factor in the income you can expect and the benefits packages they will offer. Individuals choosing to work in the hospital setting may find that the income is higher if they work the night shifts or in an urgent care setting. These jobs typically pay more, but can be more strenuous.

If you are already in the medical arena you may want to consult with the facility that you work with about intern positions available. After earning an x-ray technician degree and certification you might do well to take a position within a facility that you are already familiar with. It may even draw you a greater salary because there will be less training required to get you familiar with the facility and staff. Additionally, your experience within the facility will already be common knowledge with all of the staff members. The administration already knows what they can expect from you therefore eliminating a need for a probationary period.