X Ray Technician Job

The job of X-ray technician is very satisfying in terms of great salary and high level of security. To become X-Ray technician can be achieved by undergoing variety of training options ranging from on the job training to studying at an accredited school to complete the education, which varies from basic certification to diploma or associates or bachelor’s degree depending upon one’s present ability in completion of the education and training.

When the X-Ray technician is at the job, he acts on the advice of the physician and exposes the X-Ray plate with the X-Ray image of patient’s particular part of body as sought by the physician. In certain cases the X-Ray technician administers to the patient non-radioactive compound in the blood vessel of the patient to carry out diagnostic testing.

The X-Ray technician makes the patient ready for conducting the tests and explains the procedure, advises removal of jewellery and other metallic items, which obstruct the path of X-Rays penetration in the body tissue and that particular area can not be viewed in the X-Ray image on the developed plate.

The X-Ray technician sets the right position of the patient to get excellent X-Ray view and at the same time protects other parts of body from radiation by placing lead sheets around it or by just adjusting the beam size.

The X-Ray Technician normally is working in hospital or doctor’s offices. Under normal circumstances, they work 40 hours a week. In busy hospital they work round the clock in shifts by rotation.

Salary and Jobs:

The salary of X-Ray technician range varies from a high average of around $69,000 to a low average of around $33,000. The job is better than other career options and is anticipated to grow by 15 % by the year 2016. With the relative increase in the growth of the population, there shall increase in the demand of X-Ray diagnostic imaging and the new X-Ray technicians to cater to the increased demand as well as replacing the retiring persons.

Finding X-Ray Jobs:

One can find X-Ray jobs by searching Internet for the job indicating the place one wants to start the first job. On the internet one finds many good X-Ray technician job boards set up by professional placement providers.

One can find the job a college or universities supporting career placement services and help in locating X-Ray tech jobs, which are just fresh and not filled up yet.

Almost 50% of the all X-Ray technician jobs are found in the hospitals. By contacting local hospitals one can learn about vacancy and the hospitals prefer a local person, who does not have boarding and lodging problems.

The Armed Forces have all kind of jobs and they are looking for X-Ray Technicians. They regularly conduct their recruitment programs, which is made public in the local news papers and other announcement mediums.

Clinics and physician offices having facilities of X-Ray do require X-ray technicians.

The Diagnostic imaging centers, which usually have separate inpatient and outpatient services; are in need of the X-Ray Technicians.

Equipment manufacturers require X-Ray technicians for providing marketing support.

Government and Veterans Affairs hospitals are in need of the services of X-Ray Technician to deliver their services to the needy persons.

Mobile health units are equipped with X-Ray equipments and are in the need of X-Ray technicians in their programs.

Required Training and Education:

Persons desiring to get their training in X-Ray technology can look for hospitals, colleges and universities, where education and training facilities of different levels is provided. There are certain vocational courses also offering the education and training in X-Ray technology.

The duration of the training courses varies from 12 months to 48 months depending upon whether the course after completion leads to certification, diploma, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. Among all; the 24 months duration associate degree course is having higher popularity among the students. Te eligibility requirement of this course is high school diploma or GED.

The radiology tech students learn human anatomy and physiology, practical patient caring procedures, concepts of radiation physics, measures to get protected from radiation harms, basics of imaging, medical glossary, ethics followed by medical practitioners and pathological effects.

Few X-Ray technology students opt for certification course. There are many type of certifications based on one’s experience. For getting the certification in X-Ray technology, it is necessary to complete the education in an accredited radiology technology course and pass the examination. In case of recertification the candidate is required to undergo 24 hours in continuing education course within 2 years of the previous certification.

There are facilities for X-Ray techs getting additional training for achieving status of Radiologic specialist in the areas of CT or MRI Scanning, Bone Density scanning, carrying on mammography to detect cancer of the breast in women.

One can also learn doing angiography, which is a procedure to detect blood clot or blockages in a cardiac blood vessel. By attaining these specialist certifications one can rise to the status of Radiologic assistant.

Persons who make a choice for becoming X-Ray technician, can expect reward of a secure job and comfort in working conditions and good salary package, although there can be radiation exposure harmful effects.

X-Ray Tech Radiology Jobs are very satisfying jobs for persons, who feel pleasure in working with people involving some manual work and desiring for making a career in healthcare industry. X-Ray tech works in big and small healthcare facilities scattered deeply in all the states of US and other countries. The job environment; has great option of learning new techniques and achieve perfection by practice in the true sense.

In advanced healthcare facilities one can take part in interventional radiology practices by working in the operation theatres and use X-Ray equipments, while the surgery is in progress.

For carrying on all the advanced X-Ray specialist jobs the X-Ray tech is required to pass the radiographic examination conducted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

All the X-Ray Techs in the interest of their personal radiation safety they wear scrubs and dosimeter, which records the quantity of radiation of a person has received. Before the dosimeter indicates danger level the X-Ray tech is transferred to a job where further radiation exposure is absent.

X-Ray Techs are using their body for making mechanical movement of heavy equipment as well as positioning the patient. They are likely to suffer certain painful muscular injuries in the back and shoulder regions, while performing the job. One should be careful for such happenings.

A licensed X-Ray Tech has the eligibility to work any of the US healthcare facilities. This advantage is use in deciding, where to settle in life, or helps in deciding to be travelling Radiologic professional offering specialized services any time and any where, with no state restrictions, which are operative in other health careers.