X Ray Technician Programs and Courses

The field of x-ray technician is growing steadily. It is expected that there will be an increased need for these positions in the next few years as our society is growing older and will be in need of additional medical attention. The growth rate for this profession over the next few years is expected to be as much as 18 percent in the United States. This will open many new doors for those interested in a career in this field. Finding the right x-ray technician programs for your is the key to a successful placement in the field. You will have a number of options available to you both locally and online.

The first step in pursuing a career as an x-ray technician is to contact your local licensing authority. Every state has different requirements for licensing and you will want to be sure to learn what the requirements are in your location. You may be able to get this information online at your state’s official websites. You will likely be required to take a test to get certification. This having been said the courses you will need to take for this degree will be different based on the x-ray technician programs that you are looking into. You will likely have a one to two year set of courses in front of you before you can take the testing for certification. Confirming this information with the local licensing authority will allow you to plan your courses out accordingly.

It is not difficult to find a large number of choices for online x-ray technician programs. The online courses will allow you to complete your education while continuing with your other commitments. You can complete the classes when they are convenient for your schedule. This allows you to study when you are able to and still get a great education along the way. When you are finished with your education and have your certification in the field of x-ray technician you will find that you will have an abundance of options available to you.

Taking x-ray technician programs whether online or in a classroom will open you up to a field with a fair pay and excellent benefits. The position of x-ray technician allows you to work with patients to take radiation and put it to good use taking pictures and video of the inside of the patient. This allows the physicians to detect any problems and choose a course of treatment at the earliest possible time. The position of x-ray technician does not allow the professional to speak with the patient regarding the results of the x-ray. That is a job for the physician or radiologist.

The average person completing x-ray technician programs in the United States can expect to be paid on average between $33,132 and $50,503 annually. This translates to approximately $15.42 to $23.13 per hour. This is then typically combined with a benefits package that may include health insurance, vacation packages, profit sharing, 401K and some will even offer bonuses from $200 to $1200 annually. The wage will be based on the experience of the employee and in what part of the country is in. Additionally, the wage will be different based on the facility that you choose to work in.

Once you have completed one of the x-ray technician programs you will want to decide what type of facility you want to work in. You have a large number of options with this profession including working in a hospital x-ray lab, working with the elderly in a private elderly care facility, working in a private physician’s office, at an outpatient radiology center and even in some of the government facilities across the country. Your income will be directly related to the facility type that you choose. You will also want to think about which opportunity will give you the best benefits and offer you a good place to start becoming familiar with your profession. If you have worked in the medical community in the past, you may want to consider seeking opportunities in that facility. It will strengthen your chances of getting into the facility and will likely help you start out with a better rate of pay given your familiarity with the facility.