X Ray Technician Salary

X Ray Technician Salary depends on the experience in the field in terms of number of years as well as how many procedures can be proficiently handled? A fact worth considering is that there is very fast growth in comparison to other careers.

X-ray Technician has a salary range of $33,000 to $50,000, whereas the certified X-Ray technician can expect the salary range of $30000 to $48,000.

As per the statistics released by the American Society of Radiological Technologists, the median earnings across the whole nation are around $58000 on annual basis. The highest income reported is from California around $75000 followed by Massachusetts at around $71000. The lowest earning is reported from West Virginia at around $45600. There is increase in the relevant wages based on the experience and responsibilities handled of the individual in the field and are linked to the cost of living.

Job Availability:

The X-Ray technicians knowing more number of Diagnostic imaging procedures stand good chance of getting the employment.

There are provisions of getting formal training through courses related to radiography, which is carried out in the hospitals, colleges and universities scattered all over the country and easy to access. One can go for a certificate program or an associate degree or bachelor’s degree program.

Majority of the US states specify Licensure as the minimum qualification of X-Ray technician, still in some states there are minor variations.

In most of the cases, the hospitals are the main employers for X-Ray technician; the vacancies exist in the physician’s office also besides other diagnostic imaging centers.

Nature of the Work:

Radiological technicians conduct diagnostic imaging by deploying X-Ray, where as the technologists are using other diagnostic imaging variations i.e. computed tomography, imaging with magnetic resonance effect and mammography.

Radiological technicians are also termed as radiographers, because they expose the desired human body image in various positions on the X-Ray plate and process it by developing and fixing, which are of great help in proper diagnosis of the problems of the disease.

Before a radiological examination can be conducted, proper preparation of the patient is necessary like removal of worn jewellery and other radio opaque items, interfering with the image. Some times there is need for briefly explaining the procedure.

The X-Ray Technicians for prevention of other body parts to radiation effect reduce the size of the beam and cover the body not involved in exposure by a lead shield and position the equipment generating radiological beam over the location to be imaged adjusting the distance from the body appropriately to get a sharp focused image on the X-Ray photographic plate. There are some settings to be adjusted in the equipment depending on the width of the part, which can be different for each patient like abdominal or chest region, thigh and the arm etc. so that the image is of proper density, brightness and contrast with clear details one is looking for.

The X-Ray technologist follows the directions of the physician properly, while exposing the image on the X-Ray plate. They follow the precaution for protecting themselves and the co-workers from excessive radiological exposures. X-ray technician maintains record of the patients exposed besides keeping the machine well maintained.

Some times they perform highly complex tasks involving fluoroscopy examination by administering a radioactive solution enabling the physician view of certain soft tissues in the body.