X Ray Technician Schools

Radiologic Technology is based on use of high-tech advancements in the healthcare for providing the diagnostic support. In such an environment X-Ray Technicians and Technologists are the most attractive careers among all others in the healthcare industry. The training courses in the light of above have great demand at the schools, which offer full time X-Ray Tech programs, or X-Ray Tech included in other healthcare courses like Medical Assistant.

The choice of the course has bearing on one’s focus and career objectives.

There are many X-Ray Technology School resources present on the internet, which can be accessed by students and professionals for getting the desired information about X-Ray technology. There is custom built research, which lists various X-Ray Technology school information base on the state and the zip code selection.

X-Ray Tech Education:

The X-ray technologist also referred as X-Ray technician. The short period training of X-Ray technician is offered while working on the job or can be completed at an accredited school.

Any additional practical training is commonly accessed while working at the job in a hospital, physicians’ office or professional diagnostic imaging centers.

Courses on radiography offer practical professional skills for learning, which have direct relation to the related work environment. Thus the X-Ray Tech courses become helpful to get a person entry-level employment.

X-Ray Technologist studying in school for training spends ranging from one year to four years depending upon the level of education relating to certification, diploma, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree.

The certification awarded by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, beginning from 2011 shall be valid for a period of 10 years and needs recertification within the validity of the previous certification meaning within 10 years from initial certification.

Following are 8 prominent X-Ray Tech Schools, which are engaged in making available X-Ray career oriented education to the students leading to diploma or degree depending on the course applied. The uniqueness of the X-Ray training is it has high career focus instead of more of theory as in other comparable courses. The graduates at the school are prepared thoroughly for getting entry-level employment in the capacity of X-ray technologist based in hospitals, physicians’ offices and other health care facilities visited by patients for treatment. The course works through the process of acquainting the student with applied glossary in medical practice focusing on medical background of understanding the diseases and therapies given for treatment. There is introduction to patient psychology and care under stressful conditions of disease and use of equipments with special reference to radiology technological applications.

The students at these X-Ray technology courses learn about human Anatomy and Physiology, patient caring techniques, scientific information about radiation and its practical application in the medical field, established medical ethics to be followed in its spirit, radio-biology and Pathological terms and relative conditions.

After completing the graduation of generalized training course, the X-Ray techs are expected to carry out regular follow-up training and may make the choice of additional training in a special field of radiology.

Certification of X-Ray Technologist:

After receiving formal training, majority of X-ray technologists attain certification by qualifying the examination conducted by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Only students who have completed education from ARRT-accredited school are eligible for appearing in the examination for certification. Before taking up education at any of the school, one is required to confirm about ARRT accredited status of the school. There are moves under consideration in respect of regular recertification for the X-Ray techs.

Anthem College Colorado:

It offers diploma course having limited version of X-Ray scope in technician course, the focus of which is preparing student for getting X-Ray technologist employment in the environment of physician’s office, diagnostic imaging center and other health care establishments. There is a class room section besides externship for the students. The college offers financial help to the students through aid programs besides arranging for the job placement of the students after their graduation from the college.

Argosy University Associate’s Degree Course:

Argosy University offers six-semester degree course leading to Associate’s Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology. The course offers introduction to Human Anatomy, Medical Glossary, Radiologic background and application besides other radiologic procedures. The program is available at Twin Cities campus of the college located at Minnesota.

Colorado Technical University Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degree:

Colorado Technical University abbreviated as CTU has a course titled Associate of Applied Science in General Radiologic Technology along with a Bachelor’s degree course also, which specializes in Advanced Clinical Modalities and Healthcare Management. These degree courses are highly career oriented and offer training useful for X-Ray technologists and prepare students for entry-level as well as high level employment in various medical environments. These courses are for students located at Kansas and Missouri.

Heritage College Associate’s Degree:

The college offers X-Ray Medical Technician course, which is part of its Medical Assisting course, through which the students get access to the limited scope X-Ray technology training, thus the students have open choices to make any of the two professions associated with medical assisting program. The student received Occupational Associates degree. The students can join this program at any of the following locations:


High-Tech Institute Diploma:

High Tech Institute offers limited scope X-Ray Technician course. The course has a Class room module focusing on the X-Ray technician career based training besides making available 8 week duration externship, enabling the students perform their X-Ray technician duties in the real clinical environment and remain under the supervision of a radiologist guiding them from time to time as required.

The course is available at Tennessee, Minnesota and Florida.

Kaplan College Diploma Course:

Kaplan College has integrated its X-Ray tech course, while offering its Medical Assistant course. The students learn about Chest, Extremities, and Torso-skeletal X-Ray procedures, besides other administrative responsibilities in relation to medical assisting function to be performed after graduation. The course is focused on preparing students to appear in State Examination in respect of Limited Radiologic Technology to obtain state certification, which are criteria for getting entry-level jobs in the capacity of X-Ray technologist. The course can be accessed by students located in southern California.

Remington College Diploma Course:

Remington College diploma is conferred after completing one year course of Medical Assisting having emphasis in X-Ray and EKG Diagnostics. The students get instructions in radiology subject related to EKG tracing, positioning of patient, X-Ray procedures and diverse medical topics. There is provision of 144-hour externship with the course. Graduates get ready for entry-level job in the capacity of medical assistant having attained X-Ray capability also. The course can be accessed by students at Texas.

Bryman School of Arizona Diploma Course:

The diploma at Bryman School teaches to its students X-Ray technologist career course through its classroom lectures supported by 544-hour externship at local medical facility. The course can be accessed by the students at Colorado, Tennessee, Minnesota, Florida and Arizona.