X Ray Technician Training

For X-Ray Technician training the most commonly accessed course is a certificate course, because it is of a short duration. Besides certificate course there is associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree courses, which are offered by X-Ray Technician schools. The certificate course is appropriate for a health worker, who wants only to have extra training. The associate’s degree; is suitable for persons who are interested in getting entry level employment. The bachelor’s degree is considered by persons who are aiming at getting administrative and supervisory category of employment.

The X-Ray training courses are offered by community colleges, vocational schools and the universities. The courses offered are viewed by Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology for approval. The approved course deals with the topics of human anatomy and physiology, selecting radiographic position of the patient, details of technology involved in imaging, medical glossary terms besides procedures related to patient care. The basic eligibility for the course is securing high school diploma.

Getting X-Ray Technician Certification:

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists is responsible for issuing the certification after one has passed the examination, besides satisfying the stipulated education criteria.
Certification issued by ARRT is the primary requirement enforced in most of states for obtaining state license. For maintaining the validity of certification one is required for completion of 24 credits in respect of continued education after a period of two years each time.

X ray technician Objectives:

Becoming an X-Ray technician for providing valuable assistance in the diagnosis one requires joining an accredited education course, practical training and pass an examination to get certification.

X-Ray technician is also called radiographer, the name is derived based on the use of radio active substances called isotopes, which generate invisible rays, having capability of passing through the body and create an image of opacity caused by bones or organs in the body, on the photosensitive plate kept in box protected from ordinary light located under the region of the body to be X-Rayed.

X-Ray technician offers assistance to the patient undergoing X-Ray examination by measuring the width of the body part to be x-rayed to adjust the machine settings for getting sharp image.

Choice of a Specialization:

One can make choice of additional specializations to improve upon ones career as a specialist in place of a general X-Ray technician, which has competition as well as limitations of further progress in one’s career. The specializations available are in the fields of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, mammography and Ultrasound applications. One can opt for specialized training in any of the above mentioned fields and appear in the certification examination conducted by ARRT, after passing of which the certification is granted.

Developing the Desired Communication skills:

Since one has to deal with patients already suffering and to ensure that they recover back quickly, it is necessary to have appropriate level of communication, which can be easily understood by the patient. One is also required to practice of medical ethics followed by the medical profession. The patients deserve sympathetic hearing and respectful treatment, while dealing with them. Few patients because of their sufferings display irritation and aggressiveness. Since the equipments are handled by manual operations, one should possess agility for their right use and performance. One can be working at a trauma center, where there is continuous flow of patients in serious condition and requires competence in working under conditions of stress and work pressure built up all around.

Application for X-Ray Technician Job:

At present there is very great demand of X-ray Technicians and as expressed by the employers there is an atmosphere of shortage. If the person is in a position to operate variety of X-Ray equipments and possesses the requisite qualifications along with the certification, he or she is offered the employment instantly.

The X-Ray technician jobs available are in abundance with the locations as hospitals having diagnostic workload and at physician’s offices. Normally the work load is completed in 3 shifts,

The salary package of X-Ray technician varies from $45,000 to $50,000 having a bearing on the individual expertise, location and the employer. Some X-Ray techs are drawing salary to the tune $70,000.

X-Ray Technician Training & Recommended Schools:

Following are professionally recommended schools for X-Ray Technician Training, which offer accredited education and training:

Argosy University – Argosy University, at Atlanta is preparing students in variety of careers. The courses offered are as mentioned below:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology.
  • Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology.

Sanford-Brown College – Course offered is in Radiography

Everest University – Course offered is Radiologic Technology

Remington College – Course offered is Diploma in Medical Assisting with X-Ray Tech Limited Scope, EKG and Diploma in Medical Assisting with XRAY

Herzing College – Course offered: AS in Radiologic Technology

Medix – Courses offered is: Radiologic Technologist

Career Technical College – Course offered is Radiography Technology

Ultimate Medical Academy – The course offered is Basic X-ray Program

Tri-State Business Institute – Course offered is Radiologic Technologist

Fortis College – Courses offered are:

  • Medical Basic X-Ray Technician
  • Medical X-Ray Technician
  • X-Ray Technician